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With 1600+ completed projects in 11+ years, we’re excited to share with you some of the magic our clients experience. OpFocus’ successful projects run the gamut from brand new implementations and optimizations to strategic business transformations. Here’s what our clients have to say!

"OpFocus' knowledge about Salesforce and commitment to finding solutions to our challenges was remarkable. There's no way we could have accomplished what we did without them." - Katie Weaver, Technical Sales Manager, Ecochlor, Inc.

Ecochlor Sales Cloud Optimization Case Study

OpFocus Helps Growing Manufacturer Capitalize on New Opportunities with Salesforce Sales Cloud


"OpFocus helped us transform and streamline marketing operations, giving us the tools and visibility a SaaS company like ours needs to succeed in a quickly changing market." - Meredith Odgers, Director of Marketing, Qstream

Qstream Marketing Operations Optimization Case Study

OpFocus Helps SaaS Sales Enablement Pioneer Boost Speed, Transparency, and Insights with Salesforce and Pardot


"OpFocus' deep knowledge of Salesforce and keen insights were invaluable in helping us transform partner processes and make it easy to do business with the Predictive Index." - Maribel Olvera, VP of Client Operations, The Predictive Index

Predictive Index Strategic Business Transformation Case Study

OpFocus Helps Workforce Performance Company Enhance Partner Business, Meet Agressive Revenue Goals with Salesforce 


"OpFocus added value right away without any handholding. This was critical to a business like ours that moves at the speed of light. Their commitment, energy, and Salesforce/Pardot expertise are second to none." - Mariana Just, Director of Revenue Marketing & Operations, Acrolinx

Acrolinx Marketing Operations Managed Services Case Study

OpFocus Managed Services Helps SaaS Company Fill Marketing Gaps, Accelerate Performance with Salesforce Pardot.


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