David Carnes - Founder & CEO Leadership
David Carnes

Chairman & Chief Evangelist

Astrid Domenico, CEO of OpFocus Leadership
Astrid Domenico

Chief Executive Officer

MJ Kahn, SVP of Technology at OpFocus Leadership
MJ Kahn

Senior Vice President of Technology

Jim Simon, Vice President of Professional Services Leadership
Jim Simon

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation

Jarin Chu Leadership
Jarin Chu

Vice President of Marketing

Natalia Kochem, Director, SaaS Growth Advisory Delivery
Natalia Kochem

Director, SaaS Growth Advisory

David Movsesian, Director of CPQ Consulting Delivery
David Movsesian

Director of CPQ Consulting

Ahmed Bajwa, Director of Salesforce Consulting Delivery
Ahmed Bajwa

Director of Salesforce Consulting

Chandler Packard, Director of Customer Success at OpFocus Delivery
Chandler Packard

Director of Customer Success

Anna Sanko Sales
Anna Sanko

Senior Director of Sales

Jane Tryder, Director of HR & Finance Leadership
Jane Tryder

Director of HR & Finance

Tony Virga
Tony Virga

Talent Acquisition Manager

Jim Parker Delivery
Jim Parker

Sr Growth Advisor, SaaS Growth Advisory

John Pipkin, Technical Architect Delivery
John Pipkin

Technical Architect

Veena Sundara-Heragu Delivery
Veena Sundara-Heragu

Senior Salesforce Developer

Aline Delivery
Aline Nouh

Senior Consultant, CPQ

Francisco Anes Delivery
Francisco Anes

Senior Marketing Operations Consultant

Jack Campbell, Strategic Sales Manager Sales
Jack Campbell

Strategic Sales Manager

Kyle Chagnon Sales
Kyle Chagnon

Marketing Manager

Elliot Hebert, Senior Salesforce Consultant Delivery
Elliot Hebert

Senior Salesforce Consultant

Patty Delivery
Patty Williams

Senior Engagement Manager

Phillip Poskus Delivery
Phillip Poskus

Engagement Manager

David Lipely - CPQ Specialist Delivery
David Lipely

Senior Consultant, CPQ

Ellery Pruett Sales
Ellery Pruett

Account Executive

Pierre Desjardins, Business Operations Consultant Delivery
Pierre Desjardins

Business Operations Consultant

Vincent Lamontagne, Salesforce Consultant Delivery
Vincent Lamontagne

Salesforce Consultant

Maniza Ahmed Delivery
Maniza Ahmed


Damon Hurd Delivery
Damon Hurd

Senior Engagement Manage

Michael Olender Delivery
Michael Olender

Senior Consultant

Tomas Delivery
Tomas Rudolf

ESW Data Migration

Bob Vaillancourt Delivery
Bob Vaillancourt


Kristen Banks Delivery
Kristen Banks


Tarang Sharma Delivery
Tarang Sharma

Salesforce Consultant

Megan Blackmer

Salesforce Consultant

Ashley Allen - Sr. CPQ Specialist Delivery
Ashley Allen

Sr. CPQ Architect

Stephen Scansaroli
Stephen Scansaroli

UX / UI Designer

Evelyn Grizzle: Senior Salesforce Developer Delivery
Evelyn Grizzle

Senior Salesforce Developer

Neil Alvanzo - Senior Engagement Manager at OpFocus Delivery
Neil Alvanzo

Senior Engagement Manager