acquisition integration

  • Acquired a new company and looking to consolidate tech stacks? 
  • Need help streamlining the processes of multiple business units? 
  • Looking to add on or rollup a line of business?
Increase your ROI

integrate multiple companies into one

Bringing together multiple lines of business can be daunting for even the most seasoned executive. What do you keep and what should be retired? Gain confidence in your decisions and optimize your acquisitions.

Holistically consider implications and maximize revenue from 2+ organizations by identifying the ideal combination of people, processes, systems, data, and governance.


  • + shorten time to return on investment Optimize your coverage strategy and fully understand your broader book of existing business, including whitespace. Eliminate overlap and answer your burning questions like: "Who can I sell to who I haven’t sold to before in both organizations?" and "How do I deploy my sales resources in my new GTM model quickly?"
  • + maximize synergies Bring together the best parts of each company. Create the most efficient set of people, processes, and tech stack and leave the competition in the dust with your combined book of business.
  • + prevent leads from falling through the cracks Your team puts time and resources into generating demand - make sure those inquiries and demo requests don't go to waste. Fill the cracks in your new tech stack to ensure every prospect inquiry is followed up with in a timely manner. Growth starts at the top of the funnel - let’s make it big.
  • + consolidated reporting Quit wasting time with manual reporting and bring all your analytics under one roof. Take full advantage of analytics across your tech stack and track KPIs that drive growth. Measure progress on metrics that really matter and stay ahead of the competition.
  • + determine the best of both organizations When you bring together multiple organizations, take the best from each. Develop a Source vs Target Organization with a side by side evaluation of maturity, effectiveness, complexity, and ability to scale. Identify what's working and where improvements are needed, then create an organization that’s ready for hypergrowth.
  • + aligned business goals For a newly acquired company to be successful, everyone needs to row in the same direction. Ensure your teams have a common goal and clear alignment with a consolidated GTM strategy, centralized reporting, coordinated teams, optimized processes, an integrated tech stack, and a single source of truth for their data.
  • + complete 360º view of customers After acquiring a company, you gain access to their complete list of prospects and clients. Create a 360º view of your consolidated data. Use this information to its fullest and equip your team to make more informed decisions.

increase your ROI

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OpFocus’ methodology for acquisition integration success

  • process discovery & future state design
  • technical discovery
  • data mapping
  • configuration & development
  • testing & validation
  • roll out & training
  • ongoing maintenance & growth services


Are there leaks in your demand funnel? Ensure your hard-earned demand doesn’t go to waste. Convert more opportunities, close more business, and turn customers into advocates.

CAC to LTV ratio

Does your marketing investment keep growing, but you lack clear visibility & metrics to back up your ROI? Sleep soundly at night knowing that you’re targeting the right buyers, effectively converting demand through the funnel, and maximizing revenue from each new customer. 


Are you losing to competitors because you can’t get quotes to customers fast enough? Standardize pricing, automate quoting & approvals, improve margins, trust your renewal data.

customer 360

Does customer success & support have actionable product usage analytics they need in one place? Surface early warning indicators from your platform in Salesforce, increase adoption, and equip your teams to delight your customers.

churn & retention

How many of your customers churn simply because customer success did not reach out to renew their contracts in time? Surface timely usage metrics, automate renewals, and retain more customers.


Are your people, processes, systems, data, reporting, and governance aligned and ready for hypergrowth? Gain confidence that you are prepared for sustainable growth to become the next SaaS unicorn.


Has your tech stack become chaotic and disjointed as your ARR soared? Consolidate and streamline your tech stack to gain confidence that you’ve equipped your team with a best-in-class platform to support hypergrowth.