marketing automation

  • Does your marketing automation platform seamlessly transfer data to your CRM?
  • Are you effectively scoring, tracking, and converting demand for sales?
  • Do you feel confident presenting the right metrics and results to your executive leadership and board?
  • Is your marketing stack best in class?
Ready your marketing stack

prepare marketing for hypergrowth

Your technical debt is likely getting in the way of hypergrowth.
If you want confidence in your marketing engine, your system needs to demonstrate streamlined efficiency and track the metrics that matter.

Give your executive team confidence in marketing. Drive growth and demonstrate your ROI.


  • + best in class marketing automation Whether you use Pardot, Marketo, or Hubspot, OpFocus can help ensure your marketing stack and Salesforce supports frictionless growth. Maximize your technology ROI through guidance and optimization workshops from seasoned experts. Take your marketing execution to the next level.
  • + optimize your marketing operations Your demand generation strategy got you where you are, but will it support the 2x or 3x growth you're aiming for? Streamline your marketing operations with a marketing automation system and process that will support your ambitious growth targets.
  • + measure ABM impact In account-based marketing, we know that no one person makes a purchasing decision on their own. Key personas form a buying group to evaluate your products. Measure the right metrics to accurately reflect your ABM efforts.
  • + growing with your team Roll out a best-in-class marketing operations strategy and effortlessly stay ahead of your competition. Our team of experts will stay on top of industry trends, so you know when to consider the latest tools & methodologies.

we're ready for a best-in-class marketing stack

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OpFocus’ methodology for marketing automation success

  • Process & Tech Audit
  • Best Practices Workshop
  • Configuration & Testing
  • Training & Reporting
  • Growth Services


Are there leaks in your demand funnel? Ensure your hard-earned demand doesn’t go to waste. Convert more opportunities, close more business, and turn customers into advocates.

CAC to LTV ratio

Does your marketing investment keep growing, but you lack clear visibility & metrics to back up your ROI? Sleep soundly at night knowing that you’re targeting the right buyers, effectively converting demand through the funnel, and maximizing revenue from each new customer. 


Are your people, processes, systems, data, reporting, and governance aligned and ready for hypergrowth? Gain confidence that you are prepared for sustainable growth to become the next SaaS unicorn.


Has your tech stack become chaotic and disjointed as your ARR soared? Consolidate and streamline your tech stack to gain confidence that you’ve equipped your team with a best-in-class platform to support hypergrowth.