your force multiplier for SaaS growth

your growth goals


Are there leaks in your demand funnel? Ensure your hard-earned demand doesn’t go to waste. Convert more opportunities, close more business, and turn customers into advocates.

CAC to LTV ratio

Does your marketing investment keep growing, but you lack clear visibility & metrics to back up your ROI? Sleep soundly at night knowing that you’re targeting the right buyers, effectively converting demand through the funnel, and maximizing revenue from each new customer. 


Are you losing to competitors because you can’t get quotes to customers fast enough? Standardize pricing, automate quoting & approvals, improve margins, trust your renewal data.

customer 360

Does customer success & support have actionable product usage analytics they need in one place? Surface early warning indicators from your platform in Salesforce, increase adoption, and equip your teams to delight your customers.

churn & retention

How many of your customers churn simply because customer success did not reach out to renew their contracts in time? Surface timely usage metrics, automate renewals, and retain more customers.


Are your people, processes, systems, data, reporting, and governance aligned and ready for hypergrowth? Gain confidence that you are prepared for sustainable growth to become the next SaaS unicorn.


Has your tech stack become chaotic and disjointed as your ARR soared? Consolidate and streamline your tech stack to gain confidence that you’ve equipped your team with a best-in-class platform to support hypergrowth.

how we help

Salesforce roadmap

Our team of SaaS growth experts performs a full evaluation of your organization, then prepares a tailored plan that empowers you to reach your growth goals.

process transformation

Adopt a marketing and sales methodology that accurately reflects how your prospects buy.

Plan your growth with OpFocus
acquisition integration

Consolidate an overgrown set of tools or merge multiple orgs together to create an integrated tech stack that works for your team.

technical architecture

Streamline your architecture, data flow, automation, and integration between Salesforce and your external systems for optimal and secure performance.

Salesforce application & AppExchange development

Deliver an interactive and engaging experience your users deserve with the help of our experienced Salesforce developers.

Salesforce growth & managed services

When you’re serious about growth, we’re here to fast track the mission-critical projects that empower your team to reach your goals.

Salesforce staff augmentation

Fast-track your mission-critical projects and drive hypergrowth with our extensive bench of certified platform experts.

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training & upskilling

Elevate your in-house Salesforce expertise through the guidance of a seasoned instructor that knows all the tips and tricks.

private equity

Equip your portfolio companies with the guidance and expertise they need to increase operating leverage and reach your growth expectations.