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best-in-class support for premier SaaS companies

harness the power of OpFocus Thrive to recession-proof your business — fast.

cut costs. increase efficiency. unlock potential. propel growth.

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Ahmed Bajwa, Director of Salesforce Consulting

Director of Salesforce Consulting


Senior Consultant, CPQ

Vincent Lamontagne, Salesforce Consultant

Salesforce Consultant

Veena Sundara-Heragu

Senior Salesforce Developer

Elliot Hebert, Senior Salesforce Consultant

Senior Salesforce Consultant

MJ Kahn, SVP of Technology at OpFocus

Senior Vice President of Technology

the seasoned Salesforce experts you need — on tap

Hiring the full range of skills you need will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

OpFocus’ Salesforce Managed Services complements your team with every expert you need starting at just $10K a month.

Recruiting and onboarding can take months and put additional strain on your team.

Our full bench of experts can start working with your team to improve your business in a matter of weeks. No strain necessary.

What happens when a team member leaves or something breaks while they’re away?

We’re always working in the wings — and you worry less, knowing we’re there for you every step of the way.

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unlock the full potential of your Salesforce and maximize your investment

trusted by leading SaaS companies

everything you need — nothing you don’t

It’s likely you don’t need a full-time person for every role.

Need 5 expert specialists for a few hours here and there? No problem. We will tailor our service to your needs.

Your business needs change faster than you can hire and/or re-organize your team.

Our service is flexible. And our bench of experts are like paratroopers — ready to jump in at a moment’s notice to get the job done.

Most SaaS companies pay more than is necessary for their systems and tools.

We’ll help you trim the fat to become lean and agile.

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best-in-class Salesforce support for SaaS companies

Salesforce partners are typically good at Salesforce — but what about SaaS growth?

We’re Salesforce experts and SaaS growth experts — and 10 x 10 = 100.

Finding qualified and experienced people to hire is tough.

We already hired the best of the best. And our team members live on the cutting edge of what’s possible with Salesforce. We architect solutions that not only facilitate growth, but propel it.

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.

We provide perspective to help discover new ways to overcome issues and unlock your Salesforce instance’s full potential.

now isn’t the right time to hire us — that was yesterday

Your system issues, inefficient processes, and under-utilized data probably cost you a lot more than our monthly fee.

+ Save yourself some money (and a ton of headaches) — we’ll streamline your business’s operations, so you can stop limping and start running.

If you don’t keep up with system maintenance and enhancements, inefficiencies and limitations will grow exponentially (and you’ll spend more and more just to keep the lights on).

+ We won’t just keep up with your system’s needs — we’ll get you ahead of them and take you from rocky road to smooth sailing.

which Salesforce experts are included?

Salesforce Consultants & Solution Architects

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant

Salesforce Business Analysts / Salesforce Administrators

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

Technical Architects

Salesforce Certified Application Architect Salesforce Certified System Architect

Salesforce Developers

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II

Salesforce CPQ & Q2C Consultants

ABM & Marketing Operations Consultants

Revenue Operations Consultants & Growth Advisors

Salesforce Certified Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Consultant

what services and capabilities are included?

Support & administration services

Development & integration services

System architecture & data services

Operations advisory

Reporting & analytics

Project management

Training & upskilling existing team

what platforms, tools, and technologies do we specialize in?

Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud
Salesforce Experience Cloud
Salesforce CPQ
Salesforce Pardot

Best-in-class — but don’t take our word for it