process transformation

  • Do you need more predictability in your funnel?
  • Do you feel confident presenting your forecasts to the board?
  • What kind of growth is possible with a 360 view of your Customer?
ready to grow?

prepare your team for hypergrowth

If you're serious about hypergrowth, you need the right strategy and process aligned with your tech stack. Access prescriptions and recommendations for optimizing sales & sales operations processes, and transform Salesforce into a growth enablement platform.


  • + GTM framework Revolutionize the way your marketing team targets prospects and converts deals for sales using ABM. Most B2B sales cycles involve multiple stakeholders. Adopt the Demand Unit Waterfall (DUW,) bring the entire buying group in from the beginning, and watch your conversion rate soar!
  • + sales methodology Every sales team has a methodology they live by. Whether it’s Sandler, MEDDIC, Miller Heiman Green/Blue Sheet, or an in-house blend, we have the expertise to build your system to reflect your strategy.
  • + customer 360 Knowledge is power. Centralizing your customer data better prepares your sales & customer success teams to close business. Measure the health of an account and proactively combat churn. Is it time to finally get a 360° view of your customer?

ready to grow?

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OpFocus’ methodology for process transformation success:

  • process definition & mapping
  • technical design
  • configuration & development
  • testing & validation
  • roll out & training
  • analysis and reporting
  • growth services


Are there leaks in your demand funnel? Ensure your hard-earned demand doesn’t go to waste. Convert more opportunities, close more business, and turn customers into advocates.

CAC to LTV ratio

Does your marketing investment keep growing, but you lack clear visibility & metrics to back up your ROI? Sleep soundly at night knowing that you’re targeting the right buyers, effectively converting demand through the funnel, and maximizing revenue from each new customer. 

customer 360

Does customer success & support have actionable product usage analytics they need in one place? Surface early warning indicators from your platform in Salesforce, increase adoption, and equip your teams to delight your customers.


Are your people, processes, systems, data, reporting, and governance aligned and ready for hypergrowth? Gain confidence that you are prepared for sustainable growth to become the next SaaS unicorn.