Business acquisition starts with your Marketing. Right from the first impression of your ads and first clicks on your site, through the hand-off of leads to Sales and tracking the ROI or COCA (cost of customer acquisition), your Marketing team and systems are at the center of your organization’s transformation and growth.

The most successful Marketing teams are also the most efficient ones. Efficiency can be measured in yield at every stage of your Marketing Operations – yielding the most leads from your website traffic, yielding the most Opportunities from your leads and yielding the best customers for your business. By maximizing yield, Marketing Organizations become the drivers of revenue for companies – the true definition of a Marketing Driven Organization.

Whether it is automating lead routing to your sales organization based on a lead score or defining what is a sales qualified lead for your organization, our mission is to help marketing teams become well oiled engines so they are more effective at managing their business goals. The seven core areas of marketing operations where OpFocus can provide value to your business are:

  • Business / Goals
  • Sales & Marketing Processes
  • Marketing Automation & CRM Systems
  • Data Health
  • Channel & Program Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Tactical Campaign Best Practices

Our Marketing Operations Services Include:

Discovery & Advisory Services

  • Strategic Roadmap
  • Internet Marketing Audit
  • Lead Process Audit
  • Interviews with stake holders
  • Data health Audit
  • Inbound Marketing and Content Strategy
  • Lead Management Optimization
  • KPIs & Goals
  • Training & Workshops

Marketing Automation & CRM Services

OpFocus has a wealth of expertise in marketing automation and can help you integrate your marketing software with your CRM, analytics tools or other systems. Our primary goal is to help you develop strong processes and implement your marketing strategy. We have formal partnerships with Pardot and Marketo and other marketing software vendors and our team can help you with the success of these tools. Our Marketing Automation Services include:

  • System selection and deployment
  • System audit and health check
  • System optimization
  • CRM Integration

Demand Generation Services

A critical part of marketing success is helping your company generate demand. At OpFocus we recognize the importance of optimizing your marketing and systems to become a demand generation powerhouse. We provide the following services to help customers with their demand generation needs:

  • Lead Generation Optimization
  • Lead Recycling
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Sales & Marketing Funnel Optimization
  • Funnel and Revenue Analytics

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