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OpFocus Time Zone Checker

The OpFocus Time Zone Checker helps your traveling Salesforce.com Users keep their computer and Salesforce time zones in sync. Simply download this free app into your system, and add the custom Home Page Component to the Sidebar of the Home tab layouts.

  • Frequent travelers can now keep their computer and Salesforce time zones in sync
  • Clear, centralized notification of time zone
  • If not matched, change your Salesforce time zone quickly & easily

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Travel much?

If you travel beyond your own local time zone, you’re faced with a dilemma: how should you adjust to the local time? Do you change your watch to the local time? Do you change your laptop to use the new local time zone? Should you change your time zone in Salesforce?

Changing your time zone on your laptop and in Salesforce is a hassle. Then again, it’s also a hassle to miss meetings that your Salesforce calendar reminded you of too late, just because your Salesforce calendar is in a different time zone than you are!

OpFocus Time Zone Checker can help. Change your laptop’s time zone, then log into Salesforce. The Time Zone Checker appears right on your Home tab, warning you if your laptop’s time zone is different from your Salesforce time zone. Click the link, and a pop-up box appears to allow you to easily change your Salesforce time zone to match your local time.

OpFocus Time Zone Checker may not stop you from waking up in the middle of the night because your body hasn’t adjusted to your new time zone, but at least it will help keep your mind at peace, knowing that you won’t miss your important meetings just because you’re away from home!

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