OpFocus Accelerates Quoting, Streamlines Service Management, Drives 30% YoY Growth

OpFocus' expertise in CPQ & custom development is incredible. Any problem that needs to be solved, they can solve. Anything you want to build on Salesforce, they can build. Their capabilities are very powerful. - Stew Ives Senior Director of Systems, SNA displays

Burlington, MA – September 24, 2020 – OpFocus, a leading Salesforce implementation consultancy for SaaS companies, today announced SNA Displays engaged it to facilitate the company’s growth and optimize customer experience. The engagement included implementing Salesforce and Configure Price Quote (Salesforce CPQ), integrating Slack, and building a custom mobile app used by employees and customers to access real-time project progress. With these critical tools in place, SNA Displays vastly accelerated quoting, enabled a more nimble workforce, streamlined service management, and drove 30% year-over-year business growth.

“OpFocus’ expertise in Salesforce, CPQ, and custom development is incredible. Any problem that needs to be solved, they can solve. Anything you want to build on Salesforce, they can build. Their capabilities are very powerful,” said Stew Ives, Senior Director of Systems, SNA Displays.

Pat Green, VP of Systems, SNA Displays, added, “OpFocus has helped bring our team together and support tremendous growth through Salesforce. We have a great, dynamic partnership. They’re always looking for ways to help make our sales, installation, and service data more user-friendly and accessible, and improve our customers’ experience.”

As a result of OpFocus’ engagement, SNA Displays realized business-changing benefits, including:

  • Fast, Accurate Quoting – Salespeople are empowered to directly build quotes and provide them straight to the customer. They have much better control over their own sales cycle and can quote quickly. This provides a substantial advantage over competitors who might take days and weeks to quote a project.
  • Unified and Streamlined Workforce- Putting all the sales tools and widgets on one Salesforce platform means salespeople are all working from the same source of sales and product information. Slack integration has also helped the workforce be more nimble and lean.
  • Rapid Visibility – Stakeholders can view pipeline status at any time, anywhere using the SNA Displays mobile app. Up-to-date reports are instantly accessible with a click of a button.   
  • Improved Customer Experience – Customers enjoy fast interactions and real-time information. When they email SNA Displays about an issue, a new Slack channel specific to that issue is automatically created and shared with the appropriate staff, who simply click a button to chat with the customer or email a response. Plus, with the custom mobile app, customers can instantly see everything that’s happening with their installation day in and day out.
  • Facilitates 30% YoY Growth – Having a dedicated mobile app that covers everything from installations and service/ticketing to spare parts inventory and, soon, diagnostics, makes SNA Displays stand out from the competition. Added confidence in pipeline forecasts has also allowed SNA Displays to go to market with even more competitive pricing, driving 30% YoY growth for the past three years.  

“We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done with SNA Displays and humbled that they’ve trusted us with such critical aspects of their business. Seeing the impact our partnership has had on their growth and customer success is deeply rewarding,” – David Carnes, Founder and CEO of OpFocus. 

For more information, read this OpFocus and SNA Displays case study

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Brian Waterson

about the author

Brian Waterson

As Senior Director of Operations, Brian’s job is to ensure that his colleagues in Marketing, Sales, Delivery, and Finance have the systems, tools, and processes they need to excel in their daily work. For him, the role is most rewarding when he is enabling the rest of the company to do their job even better. 

His Salesforce career spans about a decade, split almost equally between client-facing consulting work and internal system administration and product ownership. Like many people, Brian fell into Salesforce work accidentally and was quickly hooked. Some of you may remember him from his previous days at OpFocus in 2013-2017 where he worked with many fantastic clients.

Brian holds a BA in International Relations from Boston University and a MA in International Conflict Studies from King’s College London.

For Brain, one of his favorite Salesforce features is Analytics CRM (formerly TableauCRM / Einstein Analytics / Wave.) Compared to standard Salesforce dashboards, he feels it provides much more flexibility when visualizing and joining data. It has been great to introduce it into the OpFocus product mix!

We often forget that it is now Salesforce, but he is also a huge fan of Slack. Brian is excited to see how Salesforce better integrates the two platforms in future releases.