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OpFocus Task Matrix: A Task Management Application

OpFocus Task Matrix gives Salesforce users and their managers a
way to see and prioritize open Tasks on a single tab. Quickly find, create, edit, close, and adjust Task Importance and Urgency on a grid, with the ability to overlay direct report Tasks.

  • See and manage all of your Tasks on a separate Tab
  • Manage and prioritize the Task lists of people who report to you
  • Quickly re-prioritize and close Tasks

Overloaded with tasks and assignments?

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of items to check off your to-do list each day, perhaps it’s time to get a birds eye view of what really deserves your attention.

The top business management methodologies recommend identifying tasks on the basis of their competing importance and urgency. The OpFocus Task Matrix allows you to not only add a new Task, but also group them visually according to its high or low importance and urgency. Convenient options allow you to sort by due date, and hide overdue tasks. You can also simplify your view by looking at open tasks due in the next 7 days, next month, or just today.

Centralizing your data is critical to work efficiency, especially in this age of cloud computing. Don’t bog down your business operations with an incoherent pile of scrap paper, notes, and random scribbles on your desk. Whether you are on the road, in the airport, or working at home, the OpFocus Task Matrix will help you keep you afloat amidst competing obligations.

The OpFocus Task Matrix may not magically vanish your low importance and low urgency tasks, but at least it will save you from sweating the small stuff!

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