Data & Integration

Data and Integration: Why It Matters

OpFocus Data and Integration services can help you clean up and manage your data and integrate their systems across their organizations. The health and quality of your data is a prime determinant of the success of your systems, reporting tools and user adoption.  Ongoing cleansing efforts combined with well trained users and properly implemented data validation rules will keep your system thriving.

Data and Integration Services

Whether you have dirty data that needs cleansing or new data to map and migrate, OpFocus has you covered. Our Data & Integration Services include:

Data Services:
• Data Cleansing
• Deduping and Scripting with CRMFusion’s DemandTools

    • Record fixing
• Data Restoration
• Data Modeling

• Data Migrations
• Data Mapping
• Data Imports
• Data Archiving
• Match and Append Project Management
• Data Governance and Oversight

Integration Services:

Salesforce Integrations including: App/Middleware Enabled, ETL Tool Enabled and Custom integrations

Systems Integration including:
• Accounting
• CTI & Chat
• BI & Analytics
• Contract & Documentation
• PSA & Ticketing
• Marketing Automation
• Custom Integrations

Helpful Resources

OpFocus experts write weekly blog posts to provide clients with a free, online resources that can answer their day-t0-day questions. You can read  through our data and integration blogs, or check out some of our favorites below.


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Getting Started with Salesforce Data Deduplication

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