Custom Development

Take It A Step Further

Do you have a technical challenge but don’t have the resources to solve it? Or do you want to create an app to publish on the AppExchange but don’t have the developers to build it?

OpFocus experts are skilled in Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, and can help solve your challenges and bring your apps to life.

Leverage OpFocus for Custom Development

Architecture and Design: Help you determine the best approach for architecting and designing a secure and scalable Salesforce ecosystem.
Strategic Development Review: Jumpstart your technical improvements with strategic recommendations from our team.
Application Development: Implement or enhance business processes with custom logic or user interfaces.
AppExchange: Develop custom AppExchange offerings and guide you through the process of going live.
Systems Integration: Build custom integrations and configure ETL products to connect back office, ERP and other applications to Salesforce.

Why OpFocus?

Talent & Experience

Our team are programmers by trade, Salesforce certified, and grounded in a wide variety of programming languages and systems. We have completed over 1500+ projects in business logic, custom user interfaces, integrations and AppExchange apps. Our Development team is awesome…really. Check out our list of certifications:

• Certified Developer
• Certified Administrator
• Certified Advanced Administrator
• Platform Developer I
• Platform Developer II
• Certified Sales Consultant
• Certified Service Consultant
• Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Specialist
• Certified Data Architecture and Management Specialist
• Certified Integration Architecture Specialist

Best Practices

Our team uses Salesforce recommended best practices in design and development, and we teach them to our clients. Our results are more stable, secure and scalable. We also have a library of tried and tested development assets available to enhance your projects.

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