Jack Campbell

Jack’s been selling Salesforce solutions in one capacity or another since 2014, spanning a breadth of different organizations. He was attracted to OpFocus because of their specialization in SaaS, and his 3 years here have allowed him to extend that specialization to product knowledge across the Salesforce tech stack.

His favorite Salesforce features are CPQ, and more generally, the platform’s ability to integrate with 3rd party platforms and applications. CPQ speaks for itself in SaaS — they need it to grow and scale. Salesforce’s dominance of the CRM space has brought along with it an enormous 3rd party ecosystem, and required other large software companies such as Oracle to easily integrate and play nicely. Jack believes that’s a powerful position to be in, as it allows SaaS companies to be flexible in how they approach their broader revenue operations tech stack.

Jack’s Hobbies

Even as a business leader, Jack still finds time to ride his skateboard. He started when he was 9, and like every kid in the 90s, thought he was going to be the next Tony Hawk. Some things got in his way (lack of talent, going to college, getting a real job, but mostly lack of talent,) but he still loves the sense of individual achievement that comes from learning a new trick or just going out for a long push.