Advanced RevOps: How to Build a Customer Lifecycle that Maximizes LTV

Thursday, May 17th 2022 @ 1 PM ET

Thurs May 17th, 2022 @ 1 PM ET

Now is the time for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to unite and maximize customer lifetime value. Hear from 3 industry thought leaders and harness their cutting-edge perspectives to supercharge your customer lifetime value.

Join us on May 17th at 1 PM ET to hear from industry leaders at high-growth SaaS companies about how to create a frictionless handoff between departments!

Questions to touch on: 

  • Why are RevOps leaders prioritizing customer LTV?
  • What impact does a 1% increase in customer retention have on revenue?
  • How do you institute a seamless handoff that maximizes revenue?
  • What are common friction points and how do high-growth teams avoid them?  
  • What tools are you leveraging to create a frictionless handoff between departments? 


Ehab AbuShmais, Senior Growth Advisor at OpFocus

Chandler Packard, Director of Customer Success at OpFocus

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