Win-Win Relationships: Elevating the Salesforce Community

Win-Win Relationships: Elevating the Salesforce CommunityOpFocus Core Value, Win-Win: We find the win-win and ensure that no party comes out on the losing end of a difficult decision. We value the goals & needs of our clients, partners, and team members.

We live this ideal internally, with our clients, and with the tech community as a whole. As SaaS growth experts specializing in Salesforce, this includes elevating the Salesforce Community. Our involvement with Pi-TaP is one example of the kind of Win-Win relationships we seek to build!

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What is Pi-TaP?

Pi-TaP (Positively Impacting Teens and Parents) is an organization seeking to empower those in need with the skills and resources they need to be successful. They believe participants possess the potential to change their lives and launch careers through workforce development training in both hard and soft skills. The Pi-TaP team works primarily with participants from under-served communities. By working together in a bilingual learning environment, these participants develop in-demand workforce skills and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology. In particular, they train participants on skills related to Salesforce. As a consultancy with serious Salesforce chops, OpFocus is thrilled to help out.

The Beginning

Our relationship with Pi-TaP began roughly a year and a half ago at a Boston Salesforce Saturday group. David Carnes, our CEO & frequent Salesforce speaker, was presenting on Salesforce reporting. Karene-Sean Hines, the Executive Director of Pi-TaP, and David discussed the organization’s initiatives and desire to elevate the members that Pi-Tap served and how to prepare them for a career with Salesforce. At the time, Pi-TaP was finishing up their first graduating class, where they would run annual or semi-annual programs to produce Salesforce administrators.

Our Partnership

To start, our team donated a set of laptops to Pi-TaP that made it possible for Pi-Tap to provide equipment to their participants. Additionally, OpFocus invited Karene and her daughter Alix to take our OpFocus’ 5-day Salesforce workshop to provide context and content around what they can present and create for their own classes and place Pi-TaP in a better position to help those in its cohort. This helped them develop a Salesforce curriculum of their own. Karene then invited David to become a Pi-TaP board member. Since then, David has led evening workshops helping  Pi-TaP participants become more proficient with Salesforce and prepare for their Admin exam.

Our Win-Win Relationship

OpFocus seeks to live our core value of Win-Win through partnerships with organizations like Pi-TaP. As a part of the evening workshops with Pi-TaP, David prepared a study guide for the admin exam. He now uses this content in OpFocus’ own training to better prepare others for the admin exam.

Another major advantage of our relationship with Pi-TaP is the effect on the Salesforce community as a whole. By empowering Salesforce Admin hopefuls, we are promoting the use and adoption of Salesforce while helping those seeking to build careers in technology. This not only provides new opportunities for Pi-TaP participants but grows the total level of Salesforce expertise available. With a greater number of certified Salesforce experts in the market, companies will be much more likely to find the talent needed to use Salesforce at its full potential and fully adopt the platform.

As SaaS growth experts that specialize in Salesforce, we’re able to help more SaaS companies along their path to becoming unicorns. Through this relationship, Pi-TaP receives resources, their participants build careers, companies can access more Salesforce talent, and OpFocus is able to work with more clients. Partnering with Pi-TaP is the embodiment of a Win-Win relationship.


Relationships like Pi-TaP and OpFocus help exemplify our Win-Win mentality. Both organizations benefit through this relationship and the Salesforce community as a whole is elevated. This is the outcome that we strive to provide in every interaction with our teammates, clients, and the community. If your team is in need of an honest conversation about how to reach your growth goals, we’d love to connect. To become part of the OpFocus family, come find your fit! We look forward to many more Win-Win relationships moving forward!

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