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What report will have the biggest impact on my business?
How can I drill down into the metrics that really matter?
Is there a better way to use reporting for my forecasting?

drill into your metrics

Reports and Dashboards Workshop

To forecast effectively and drive revenue, you need to understand the state of your business. Discover how to drill down into the metrics that matter to your business and set your team up for success.

Upcoming Dates:
Apr 3-4, 2024 10-4:30pm EST (Virtual)


  • + hands on To become an expert on a platform like Salesforce, you need more than just articles and videos. During this workshop, you’ll drill into the metrics that have true business impact and build out the exact reports leadership wants to see. Touch every switch and lever in Salesforce and leave with confidence for that next board meeting.
  • + best practices At OpFocus, we live and breathe best practices. Learn how to incorporate hygiene and governance into your most powerful reports and dashboards. Create a scalable backbone for your reporting.

create Salesforce reports like a pro

$1,500 per participant

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