Dashboard Dōjō

Formulas for Reporting Part III (hands-on)

Thursday, March 24th @ 12 PM ET

Formulas for Reporting Part I (hands-on)

Wednesday March 24th @ 12am ET

Every Report and Dashboard creator should keep in the back of their mind that a formula may help them solve the reporting challenge in front of them. Beyond creating Custom Formula Fields on underlying Objects, we can create Row-Level, Summary and Cross-Block Formulas directly on Reports. We can leverage Formula Functions to do math, concatenate text, compare groupings, change data types, perform logical tests, and so on. We can also combine the output of Formulas with other reporting features such as Bucket Columns, Groups, Summaries, Filters, Dashboard Filters, etc to craft the outcomes we seek.

For this session we’ll ask participants to each create a special dev org (if not already for a prior Dashboard Dōjō hands-on session), run the Trailhead Data Manager to update dates, and install a private AppExchange app with examples. From there we’ll step through a series of Formula concepts and try them out in a hands-on format solving real world reporting problems. Along with practice writing and testing Formulas, each participant will end the session with many examples of Formulas to use in their own Salesforce orgs. This will be part III of a multi-part series on Formulas.