What to expect during a CPQ Project: Your Unbiased Guide

A step by step guide explaining what to expect when engaging a CPQ consultant!

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What to expect with my Salesforce CPQ project

table of contents

What does a CPQ project typically look like?

Salesforce CPQ Transaction Flow

Differences between the CPQ firms you’ll see in the market

How can my team prepare to implement Salesforce CPQ?

Which Stakeholders do I need to include in my Salesforce CPQ project?

How do I generate buy-in from my key stakeholders?

How much does a Salesforce CPQ project typically cost and what factors impact pricing?

Salesforce CPQ Success Stories

What are the consequences of not implementing Salesforce CPQ

What’s Next?

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The phases of a CPQ project

Checklists to ensure your team is ready for the project

Phases of Project: What to expect with my Salesforce CPQ project

A list of relevant internal stakeholders

How to sell your project to each relevant stakeholder

Is your team ready for Salesforce CPQ?

You’re a RevOps leader who wants to streamline the order and renewal process and take control of pricing with a CPQ project

Are you looking to…

  • Optimize your order and renewal process
  • Understand your options for bringing on Salesforce CPQ
  • Evaluate potential CPQ consultants and find the right for your team
  • Create alignment on your team around Salesforce CPQ
This guide will help you understand what a typical project entails and help you streamline the process implemnentations.