What platforms will OpFocus work with?

What kind of platforms can OpFocus work with?

You’re thinking about working with OpFocus but want to make sure we can work with your tech stack. It really wouldn’t make sense to work with people that have never touched half your platforms. It’s a valid concern and I hear it from professionals like yourself all the time. So, what platforms will OpFocus work with?

Simply put, OpFocus is a Salesforce shop and we will work with pretty much any platform that can integrate with Salesforce. That isn’t all that helpful on its own though, so let’s talk specifics. Below is a list of platform types that OpFocus will integrate, configure, and optimize.

what type of platform does OpFocus not work with?

We don’t typically work with ERP’s like NetSuite and Sage Impact. There is still some work we will do with this type of platform such as integrations but we do not do configurations with them.

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Kyle Chagnon

Kyle works in the marketing department here at OpFocus, developing email campaigns, blog content, and hosting virtual events. Over the years, he’s worked with numerous types of marketing content, becoming a true jack of all trades.

As a marketer, Pardot is by far his favorite part of Salesforce. The platform allows him to create compelling content and deliver it to the specific RevOps leaders that can find true value in the services OpFocus provides.