What does it mean to have OpFocus as an extension of your team?

As a RevOps leader evaluating growth consultants, you need a team that’s capable of driving your projects forward. You need domain experts that know how to get things done and done right. After doing your research, you’ve narrowed down a few service providers that seem to have RevOps and Salesforce chops, but you’re still concerned about making the right decision. You’re worried you’ll get stuck with consultants that can’t bring your vision into reality. Perhaps you’ve been disappointed by consultants before and you’re concerned it could happen again.

I completely understand. I struggled with the same issue when I was leading RevOps teams. The solution, from my experience, is to clearly understand beforehand what the relationship is going to look like and to be fully comfortable with the people who are going to work with you. When engaging with teams like yours, OpFocus goes beyond what you may think of as traditional services. We act more like an extension of your team–additional resources that are invested in, and working towards, completing your initiatives. In this article, I’ll outline what it means to have OpFocus as an extension of your team and how the relationship between us really works.

What is it like to work with OpFocus?

I’m actually a former OpFocus client, at two different companies. What set OpFocus apart then, and one of the reasons that I joined the OpFocus team four years ago, is that when you work with OpFocus, you’re getting a true partnership. OpFocus is an extension of your team. You’re engaging a team of knowledgeable experts who will treat your business as if it’s their own. Your success is our success. That partnership mindset builds a level of trust and collaboration between the OpFocus team and our clients that goes far beyond a traditional “vendor” relationship.

For starters, our service to you isn’t limited to traditional consulting functions. The breadth of expertise on the OpFocus team allows us to help you with everything from designing your go-to-market strategy to configuring and optimizing technology platforms to meet your operational needs.

What Are OpFocus Growth Services?

My team serves as a sounding board to discuss and brainstorm new ideas. We’ll share insights on what we’ve seen work best with other clients like you. These conversations are not limited to technology. Our first focus is understanding the dynamics of your business, including what is driving you and your customers and prospects. Then we’ll dive in deep to understand what people, processes, and systems you need to reach your growth goals. We’ll help you navigate the political landscape to gain leadership support, upskill your team, optimize your processes, implement the right tech stack, and successfully lead internal change management.

As a true extension of your team, your OpFocus advisors and consultants are happy to perform tasks traditionally done by clients. We’ll prepare user documentation, diagram processes, and build out content to assist with your project. We’re ready to work directly with your end-users to gather requirements, plan UAT, and work through issues. We’ll also enable your team to fully own and manage the new process and system after go-live. My team is here for you at each step of the process.

What’s the relationship between our teams?

The best way to describe the relationship between your team and mine is to consider it a single team. Any member of your organization can reach out to any OpFocus teammate at any time. You can reach us through Slack, email, or by phone. Around critical deadlines, we’re available off-hours to ensure major launches & deployments go off without a hitch

Our partnership also includes regular meetings. The number and frequency of these meetings is based on the project timeline and complexity, and your specific needs. If the project has a very long timeline and is fairly low complexity, we may meet every few weeks, whereas a very complex project with a tight timeline may require multiple meetings each week. Your project manager will work with you to set the appropriate cadence.

What makes OpFocus different from other Growth Service providers?

So what makes us different from all the other providers you’re evaluating?

OpFocus Growth Services Advisory Team

First, my team isn’t afraid to challenge your ideas or your current process if we’ve seen that another approach gets better results. We’ll explain how a different solution is a better fit given your organization and goals. We take your business and your goals personally (sometimes to a fault), and will candidly share with you the best practices that we believe will lead to success. We believe in solving problems and solving them right, the first time.

Second, my team is honest about owning a mistake. Although we are careful in our work and do a great deal of testing, now and then we make mistakes. When this happens, we take ownership and quickly make it right.

And finally, the biggest differentiator is our priorities. In every project, your needs come first. My team will never recommend a solution or sell you services that are not in your best interest or not a good fit for your organization. That is the integrity that I was looking for when I chose OpFocus to help me and my RevOps team, and it’s the commitment we make to you.

Is OpFocus the right fit for my team?

When are OpFocus Growth Services not the right fit?

Some teams are not looking for a partnership. They’re only looking for order takers with technical expertise. OpFocus Growth Advisory’s strength lies in our depth of knowledge and experience. We push back on ideas and provide alternative solutions based on practical experience and best practices. If your team doesn’t want or need this level of partnership, then Growth Services aren’t what you’re looking for. Your team may want to consider support services if this is the level of assistance you’re looking for.

When are OpFocus Growth Services the right fit?

When your team needs guidance and direction in addition to expanding your bandwidth, you’re a good fit for OpFocus Growth Services. If you have ambitious goals and need access to a deep roster of veteran experts as a true extension of your team, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll receive an honest assessment of what your team needs to do to reach its goals based on decades of experience in the industry. If this sounds like you and your team, you’re probably wondering who you’ll be working with.

If you have questions about what it’s like to work with our team, take a look at what some of our past clients have said or reach out to your contact at OpFocus. We’re happy to answer any questions about what it’s like to partner with our team.

Jim Parker

about the author

Jim Parker

Jim is part of our OpFocus SaaS Growth Advisory bench. This is a team of on-demand, best-in-class independent consultants with previous experience as a VP or senior director role in marketing, sales, revenue operations, client success, or customer support for a SaaS company or have 10+ years as a senior consultant to business executives.

In his client-facing role, he works directly with OpFocus’ SaaS portfolio clients to provide prescriptive best practice guidance and recommendations specifically around optimizing: sales process, revenue operations, and Salesforce as a growth enablement tool. He leads and participates in delivering growth services projects, including business process consulting and strategic roadmap engagements by leveraging his deep experience within this specific domain.