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Lightning Design System Tricks and Tips
I recently had the opportunity to build several Visualforce pages paired with the Lightning Design System (LDS). While I learned a lot, I also hit some bumps along the way. At OpFocus, whenever we have a learning experience like this, we are encouraged to share with our that's what I'm doing in hopes that someone in the Salesforce
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Mastering the Recall of an Approval Process
At one time or another, most Apex developers have had the need to interact with Approval Processes programmatically.Salesforce does make this possible, but the sequence of steps to do so is not as straightforward or intuitive as one might like. There are plenty of blog articles out there that already describe how to create and subsequentl
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Pesky Decimal Place Digits in Salesforce Currency Fields
[fusion_text]If you have experience with Salesforce Currency and Number fields, you have certainly had the need to customize the number of decimal places displayed.  Salesforce does a reasonably good job of handling Currency and Number fields seamlessly for you with a few exceptions related to the precision of the data. Test Setup In order
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Understanding “Cannot Specify Id” on Insert Exception
If you have ever received one of the following Exceptions from Salesforce when performing an insert or upsert read on for insight: Record ID: cannot specify Id in an insert call Insert failed. First exception on row 0 with id a06g000000BALsHAAX; first error: INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE, cannot specify Id in an insert call: [Id]
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JSON Deserialization Techniques in Salesforce
If you have ever been given a JSON object and needed to parse it in Apex, then you may have run into some of the same issues I did so read on. JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation, is widely used due to its ability to define the structure of an object and its values at the same time. For Apex purposes, it is used for many differen
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Demystifying SeeAllData in Unit Tests
Writing Unit Tests is a responsibility we as developers should not take lightly. It is our duty to not only ensure pure code coverage, but also to ensure that our code does what we intend it to do! One way of making sure our unit tests are solid and reproducible is by not relying on data in an organization. This gets you into trouble – we’
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