Managed Services

OpFocus VIP Managed Services

The real cost of managing your own system is likely more expensive than outsourcing to the experts. And that’s assuming you have the resources, experience and bandwidth to do it properly in the first place.

It’s not just about “managing your system” anyway. It’s about optimizing what you already have, and taking advantage of all the functionality that comes with your licenses. Thinking big, setting goals, and building your system to achieve them.

You need help with strategy, system design, execution of a solid plan, and system optimization over time. And the project management skills to ensure success each step of the way. OpFocus can partner with you to deliver any or all of the above.

You bought Salesforce to serve as the hub in your company for critically important business functions, data, analytics. Is it really optimized?

Our areas of expertise:

Subscription makes it simple  

We want to be there for you whenever you need us, and for the life of your  system. We’ll fix stuff when it breaks, we’ll build stuff when you’re ready to expand, and we’ll make recommendations that haven’t even occurred to you.

Like most of our clients, OpFocus VIP Managed Services are on a subscription:

  1.  Determine a monthly spend based on your needs. Packages start at $5k/month.
  2.  Dial your monthly spend up or down if your needs change (with a bit of notice.)
  3.  Feel excited about your Salesforce system, instead of stressed and uncertain.  

OpFocus VIP Managed Services include:

  • System Health Check
  • Initiatives and Assignments Tracker App
  • Data Cleanliness Dashboards
  • Strategic Review with senior resources
  • Monthly Planning sessions
  • Weekly working calls
  • 4 or 8 hour response time


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