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It’s no secret that you wear many hats as a RevOps leader. You’re constantly pulled into new projects and asked to consider strategy and optimization. It’s a lot for one person. That’s why successful RevOps leaders know when to build out the roles on their team and fire themselves from wearing so many hats. Let’s hear from this week’s guest speaker!

Will Post, VP of Revenue at VidMob, joined us for a recent episode of the RevOps Rockstars and discussed the importance of leveraging your team. As always, we’re joined by our hosts, Jarin Chu, VP of Marketing, and David Carnes, Founder & Chief Evangelist at OpFocus.

Let’s hear from Will on how he manages his RevOps team in a company with rapid growth.

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What is something in RevOps you had to learn the hard way?

Having been on both sides of RevOps, operations and revenue generation, Will understands what goes into the function. He knows how much attention it requires and that it’s a full-time role.

RevOps is a function that needs dedicated focus. It’s not a side project or part of someone else’s job; it is a job to be done with a dedicated leader.

Will Post, the VP of Revenue at VidMob

Although RevOps typically starts as a lean team, especially at smaller companies, the department scales quickly as it delivers value and demonstrates its impact in the broader organization.

What does your VP of Revenue title entail at VidMob?

Before joining VidMob, Will was a customer of VidMob. This customer experience gave him unique insight into the product and process. He’s worked in numerous roles at VidMob, eventually landing in revenue operations. Initially tasked with standing up revenue strategy and the sales team, he discovered that operations needed a dedicated owner. 

The company has doubled in size over the past 12 months, expanding from 150 to 300 employees with most of the growth coming from the sales team. Will measured success by looking at the amount of operations infrastructure he developed. A recent initiative was developing learning enablement programs for new sales reps to support faster ramp time.

As your sales team expands, developing operational infrastructure is critical
As your sales team expands, developing operational infrastructure is critical

What’s something you wish you’d done sooner to support RevOps growth?

One thing Will would have done earlier is centralize the operations team. Creating a team with designated sub-teams for each functional area is proving successful. For example, he recently placed a customer success operations leader to oversee operations for that team.

“Figure out exactly how fleshed out a process needs to be before you’re ready to begin operating that way. Then learn and tweak as you go.”

Will Post, the VP of Revenue at VidMob

What does your RevOps team look like today, and how do you see it evolving in the future?

Currently, Will’s RevOps team focuses on laying the groundwork for future growth. The team identifies processes that are the right amount of structure for their company size and that enables the team to grow revenue. He’s careful not to make processes too rigid so they can quickly retool them as the company grows. 

How do you determine what functions you’ll outsource and what you keep in-house? 

Will prefers that his team owns the day-to-day administrative work in-house and to outsource development work. They recently launched a centralized ticketing system to better field and manage internal requests.

Understanding what to outsource and what to keep in house is the first step in Firing Yourself From RevOps
Determine what functions you can outsource and what needs to stay in-house

How do you effectively communicate growth to stakeholders?

As a RevOps leader, you must convey company growth to stakeholders. To properly illustrate growth and understand this predictability, you must build systems to track your team’s performance.

I think the whole attitude around growth vs. predictability has changed. Not just at our organization but for a lot of companies.

Will Post, VP of Revenue at VidMob

How do you help support large cross-functional initiatives?

During its most recent acquisition, Will focused more on planning the company’s future vision rather than analyzing historical data on past performance. Creating meaningful partnerships with stakeholders across the business and with external partners provides additional points of view during this planning process. Stakeholders have a wealth of experience and view the organization through different lenses. Will leverages stakeholders to identify challenges and opportunities he may have yet to consider. It’s critical to ask the right questions during any cross-functional engagement. Understand what metrics to measure for this quarter and for the foreseeable future.

What tech stack tool can you not live without?

Gong is a relatively new addition to the VidMod tech stack and is now a critical part of their operations. This platform has created a great feedback loop for the team and serves as a more robust learning and enablement program. 

“I want all our customers to be as obsessed with our product as I am with Gong.”

Will Post, VP of Revenue at VidMob

Where do you go for your at-a-glance view of the organization? 

No secret here: Salesforce is an excellent resource for an at-a-glance view. The platform offers extensive forecasting capabilities and is a central repository for data from other platforms. Previously the team worked out of Google Sheets, but have migrated processes into Salesforce over the last few years.

Create a centralized location where you can see an at-a-glance company view
Create a centralized location where you can see an at-a-glance company view

What are you most excited about for the future of RevOps?

Will is excited about the number of new tools available that solve the industry’s RevOps challenges. Not only are these tools impacting his organization, but Will also enjoys going through the buying process as a customer. He identifies how other SaaS firms work with prospects and manage customer onboarding, and incorporates these findings into the VidMod sales process.

How did you get into SaaS RevOps?

Will planned to pursue advertising early in his career, moving into it after completing college. He participated in a program where he tried out multiple disciplines, taking an interest in strategic planning. Will eventually moved to the Wall Street Journal, where he was part of a relatively small team. He worked in both the Sales and Marketing functions on this team. He then moved to Facebook right as it was moving towards a mobile model, where he spent eight years. While working on mobile video for Facebook, he discovered VidMob. He got to know the team and technology well and took a role with them in 2021. 

Expanding your professional career

What a way to kick off the new year! Will had so much to share with us, and we’re sure the conversation could have gone on for hours. Connect with Will on LinkedIn or check out his company, VidMob.

We’ll continue our 2023 learning with the next episode featuring Samantha Richey, Head of Global Revenue Marketing and Operations at HYCU. Watch all our past episodes on the RevOps Rockstars Youtube channel!

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