Jarin Chu

As VP Marketing, Jarin works hand in hand with colleagues in sales to tackle the beast of demand generation, find the holy grail of marketing & sales collaboration, and help clients slay the growth dragon, all the while sharing these epic adventures with the SaaS RevOps community.

Throughout her career, Jarin’s been an advocate for gender pay equity, representation of women and minorities in executive leadership, and the sponsorship of women in non-traditional industries. Jarin holds a B.A. in Anthropology and History from Mount Holyoke College.

Jarin’s Hobbies

When Jarin’s not planning new ways to optimize revenue operations and Salesforce, she enjoys attending last-minute rocket launches with NASA​. She ponders, ​with scrumptious mooncakes in hand, about how humans might sustainably live both on earth and in space.

Space has always been a fascination for Jarin — it’s amazing how a group of individuals across industries, countries, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds have come together to live in space for over 20 consecutive years. Lasting human settlements on Mars and cislunar space is up next, and hopefully shortly thereafter, Mars!

Jarin's hobby: attending NASA rocket launches