Advanced RevOps: ABM Reporting for Proven Marketing Leaders

Tuesday, November 9th 2021 @ 1 PM ET

Advanced RevOps: ABM Reporting for Proven Marketing Leaders

Tues November 9th, 2021 @ 1 PM ET

If your marketing team is having a hard time reporting on marketing, you’re not alone. Many marketing leaders are turning to an account-centric model, tracking marketing impact at each stage of the buying process for a group of buyer personas. Hear from our panel of marketing practitioners and analysts that have led ABM implementations. Learn what happens when ABM frameworks meet real-life and find out what these leaders would have done differently.

Topics include:

  • What metrics best communicate ABM success to leadership and the board as you transform from a Leads to Account-centric model?
  • What metrics are best to manage marketing and demand gen team performance with?
  • What tools should you rely on in your ABX tech stack for optimal reporting?
  • When should a company choose to measure MQA vs. pre-opp movement through the funnel?
  • What lessons have you learned after launching & reporting on ABM progress?


Sherrie Mersdorf, SVP of Marketing at Phone2Action

Kerry Cunningham, Product Marketing at 6Sense

Jarin Chu, VP of Marketing at OpFocus

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