Forrester B2B Summit

Your Partners in SaaS growth

Monday – Wednesday May 17-21st 2021

Forrester B2B Summit:

Your Partners in RevOps Growth

You want to streamline your marketing process, drive alignment between marketing & sales, and elevate the number & quality of leads you pass over to sales. As SaaS growth experts, we’ve worked with teams like yours to this many times before.

Schedule a time to connect with one of our SaaS growth advisors and elevate your teams’ marketing process. Receive answers to the questions on your mind and remove the roadblocks holding you back. Submit your interest then select a time that works for you!

Your topics could include:

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) best practices
  • Driving alignment between sales and marketing
  • Marketing metrics crucial to your ability to scale
  • Acquisition Integrations
  • Tech stack integrations and audits
  • Effective marketing reports and dashboards

Available Growth Advisors:

Natalia Kochem, Director of SaaS Growth Advisory at OpFocus

Jim Parker, Senior Growth Advisor at OpFocus

David Carnes, Chairman and Chief Evangelist at OpFocus

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