How We Help Clients Navigate the SaaS Landscape

What’s the best way to get around San Francisco during Dreamforce? You have so many options: walk or bike, Uber or Lyft, Bird or Lime. And how best to navigate the SaaS landscape?

But there’s one option that has no substitute — a chartered trolley — and our clients agree!

The trolley ride was a unique way to experience San Francisco at night, especially during Dreamforce. We made our way up and down the city’s storied hills, waving to friends and fellow SaaS professionals along the way, navigating the crowds of the conference from the comfort of our cable car.

I’ve worked with OpFocus for 10 years now at 3 different companies, as I’ve moved in my career I’ve brought OpFocus with me – Elizabeth Skiller with Quantros

We love creating incredible experiences for our clients, not just during conferences, but throughout our entire engagement with them. It’s our privilege to join our clients on their growth journey, including all the ups and downs along the way. The SaaS industry can be a crowded place, and we see it as our duty to help our clients navigate the landscape — figuratively and literally.

And that’s why we think a chartered trolley is the best way to get around San Francisco during Dreamforce — because we’re going to help you your growth goals — just remember to enjoy the ride.

Ready to navigate the SaaS landscape? Let our Growth Advisors help you map out your roadmap!

Jarin Chu

about the author

Jarin Chu

As VP Marketing, Jarin works hand in hand with colleagues in sales to tackle the beast of demand generation, find the holy grail of marketing & sales collaboration, and help clients slay the growth dragon, all the while sharing these epic adventures with the SaaS RevOps community.

Throughout her career, Jarin’s been an advocate for gender pay equity, representation of women and minorities in executive leadership, and the sponsorship of women in non-traditional industries. Jarin holds a B.A. in Anthropology and History from Mount Holyoke College.