How We Connect Clients in the SaaS Community

“What’s your biggest challenge to growth in 2020?” David asked a room full of SaaS professionals. This was at Dreamforce, where we hosted a luncheon for our clients at Hakkasan San Francisco. It was a great opportunity to get together and share what they saw as challenges and opportunities going into the new year. We love to connect clients in the SaaS community.

No one could have predicted COVID-19 would be everyone’s biggest challenge to growth in 2020. But the answers that everyone shared at that luncheon still ring true now. And the purpose of that event — to connect fellow professionals in our SaaS community — is still important, now more than ever.

Business cycles may go boom and bust, but we believe in consistently building and contributing to our community by connecting fellow SaaS professionals and supporting one another. “People First” is not just one of our Core Values, it’s also the key to growth. Because when you put people first — when you connect authentically with others and contribute to your community — you grow as a professional and as a leader, and that’s how you really grow a company. There have been so many opportunities for us to connect clients in the SaaS community, and we look forward to many more.

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Brian Waterson

about the author

Brian Waterson

As Senior Director of Operations, Brian’s job is to ensure that his colleagues in Marketing, Sales, Delivery, and Finance have the systems, tools, and processes they need to excel in their daily work. For him, the role is most rewarding when he is enabling the rest of the company to do their job even better. 

His Salesforce career spans about a decade, split almost equally between client-facing consulting work and internal system administration and product ownership. Like many people, Brian fell into Salesforce work accidentally and was quickly hooked. Some of you may remember him from his previous days at OpFocus in 2013-2017 where he worked with many fantastic clients.

Brian holds a BA in International Relations from Boston University and a MA in International Conflict Studies from King’s College London.

For Brain, one of his favorite Salesforce features is Analytics CRM (formerly TableauCRM / Einstein Analytics / Wave.) Compared to standard Salesforce dashboards, he feels it provides much more flexibility when visualizing and joining data. It has been great to introduce it into the OpFocus product mix!

We often forget that it is now Salesforce, but he is also a huge fan of Slack. Brian is excited to see how Salesforce better integrates the two platforms in future releases.