Thurs February 10th, 2022 @ 1 PM ET

As a RevOps trailblazer progressing in your career, you’ll inevitably be called on to present to the board. Whenever you’re asked to do so, it’s stressful and nerve-racking for even the most confident leader. To ensure you’re well prepared and confident at your next board meeting, we’re bringing together three leaders that know what it takes to succeed. They’ll discuss who’s on the board, what they’re looking for, and how to prepare for your presentation.

Join us on February 10th at 1 PM ET to hear from industry leaders at high-growth SaaS companies and gain confidence during your board presentations!

Topics include:

  • What’s the board dynamic at each growth stage?
  • What metrics does the board want to hear about?
  • What differentiates a good board presentation from a bad one?
  • How do I go about preparing for the board presentation?


Ann Neir, VP of Revenue Operations at Cockroach Labs

Toby Carrington, EVP of Global Operations at Seismic

Kory Knell, SVP of Operations at RainFocus

David Carnes, Chairman, and Chief Evangelist at OpFocus

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