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Building Customer Success Excellence in Salesforce

Wednesday, July 21st 2021 @ 1 PM ET

Building Customer Success Excellence in Salesforce

Weds July 21st 2021 @ 1 PM ET

As a RevOps leader, you understand the value of aggregating data and creating a 360º view of your customer. When teams set out to accomplish this view, they are faced with the challenge of either configuring their existing systems or purchasing new tools. How do you determine which is right for your team?

Our panel of RevOps leaders with serious Customer Success knowledge are discussing when you should build out CS functionality in Salesforce and how to create a 360º view.

Topics include:

  • What CS use cases can Salesforce solve or has solved for your organization?
  • What can I do in Salesforce to support CS processes (Onboarding, Renewals, Expansion, Advocacy, Support)
  • Little known CS functionality (Feedback – gathering, tracking over time, monitoring and building in automated actions)
  • Do I need a Customer Success platform like Gainsight or can I support CS efforts with Salesforce?
  • How to best integrate and utilize SaaS platform data to support CS processes?
  • How to advocate for CS processes as part of a RevOps tech strategy to ensure CS does not become the “forgotten son.”


Jay Nathan, Chief Customer Officer at Higher Logic

Joshua Lyons, Director of Customer Success at Infolock

Bettina Fowler, VP of Client Operations at Higher Logic

Mike Olender, Senior Consultant at OpFocus

Chandler Packard, Director of Customer Success at OpFocus

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