WEBINAR: Improving Sales Optics in Crisis

Weds June 10th, 2020 at 1pm ET

Crisis may not be the mother of invention, but it certainly expects better optics. We need to identify and explain trends in our companies’ sales efforts, maintain awareness of each movement in our sales opportunities, and produce insights into current versus prior time periods, all while gleaning indicators of future pipeline resurgence. For most of us the data is in Salesforce- so how can we optimize our sales optics?

By leveraging standard Salesforce reporting features, we can answer burning questions such as:

  1. How can we quickly assess our pipeline, and step through the many variations we can think of?
  2. How can we stay on top of opportunity changes (positive and negative) since last week?
  3. Can we predict which sales people have the best shot at making their number?
  4. How can we prioritize which pending deals to aim resources at?
  5. What trends can we see in sales bookings and pipeline? (YoY, month to month, and by week)
  6. Where have the changes occurred in our sales cycle? Where has there been no change?
  7. Where are deals dying in the sales process? Has this changed from before the crisis?

Join OpFocus CEO and frequent Salesforce speaker, David Carnes, on Weds June 10th at 1pm, as he shares techniques to better understand the current sales climate through use of standard reporting tools available within Salesforce.

"David is a fantastic teacher who not only explains how to do something, but also why." - Karene-Sean Hines, Executive Director, Pi-Tap.com

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