May the Salesforce be with You! 14 CRM Lessons from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

At OpFocus, we’re big fans of Star Wars! Each year a new Star Wars movie comes out, our CEO David Carnes takes the team, Salesforce consultants, developers, basically everyone, to watch Star Wars on opening day — and now we’re hooked! Because we eat, sleep, and breathe Salesforce, we couldn’t help but notice the similarity between Star Wars: The Last Jedi and why people need a good CRM.

Sounds far fetched? Hang in there and scroll down to see for yourself!

Beware, there is the potential for spoilers of Star Wars: The Last Jedi! Proceed at your own risk! (All images below belong to their respective owners & creators, courtesy of Disney Pictures/Lucasfilms)

I see that you have decided to accept this mission on behalf of the Resistance. Then….

May the Salesforce be with you

1. Reporting: because you don’t want your sales reps spending time attacking the wrong targets

Select the right targets with salesforce

2. When you have a key Contact you can’t afford to lose

Contact management is a key tool in Salesforce CRM

3. Teamwork: because you don’t want your salespeople operating solo

Salesforce CRM works best with teams

4. When you really need a secure system

Your CRM system is secure with salesforce

5. When you need to keep track of where in the galaxy sales team is located

CRM management is made easy when you know how to best use your team

6. When you want to make sure your inside sales reps aren’t spending too much time with the wrong leads

Use Salesforce CRM to not waste time on the wrong leads


7. You want to make sure your salespeople aren’t selling to competitors

Set up your Salesforce CRM to connect the right people

8. Because when a team member leaves, you don’t want to lose all your institutional knowledge

With a planned CRM in Salesforce your processes don't get lost

9. Because you don’t want to enter a sales meeting with the wrong information

Salesforce CRM keeps track of what you need for each step


10. Because you want to back up your system to the cloud before something bad happens

Is your salesforce CRM backed up

11. Because you want customer service reps who will focus on helping you solve your problems

Salesforce CRM keeps track of your subject matter experts

12. Because Everyone should be aware of the plan

Your Salesforce CRM makes your plan visible to all

13. Because you want to cut your competitor’s market share in half

Salesforce CRM is an effective tool to best your competitors

14. Because you don’t want a salesperson to take credit for a sale they didn’t actually close

Salesforce CRM gives credit to where it's due


Because you need a cute mascot

Salesforce's Astro Mascot

Star Wars Cute Mascot

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Brian Waterson

about the author

Brian Waterson

As Senior Director of Operations, Brian’s job is to ensure that his colleagues in Marketing, Sales, Delivery, and Finance have the systems, tools, and processes they need to excel in their daily work. For him, the role is most rewarding when he is enabling the rest of the company to do their job even better. 

His Salesforce career spans about a decade, split almost equally between client-facing consulting work and internal system administration and product ownership. Like many people, Brian fell into Salesforce work accidentally and was quickly hooked. Some of you may remember him from his previous days at OpFocus in 2013-2017 where he worked with many fantastic clients.

Brian holds a BA in International Relations from Boston University and a MA in International Conflict Studies from King’s College London.

For Brain, one of his favorite Salesforce features is Analytics CRM (formerly TableauCRM / Einstein Analytics / Wave.) Compared to standard Salesforce dashboards, he feels it provides much more flexibility when visualizing and joining data. It has been great to introduce it into the OpFocus product mix!

We often forget that it is now Salesforce, but he is also a huge fan of Slack. Brian is excited to see how Salesforce better integrates the two platforms in future releases.