How do Companies Stay Ahead with Technology?

How do Companies Stay Ahead with Technology?What do you generally do to maintain your car and keep it running in good shape? Many of us take it to a mechanic to have it serviced, change the oil, winterized, and more. Some of you perhaps would like to do it yourself, but cars are getting more and more complicated with computers — you may not have all the tools or the know-how. On top of that, the expert mechanics can save time, money, and aggravation. Phew!

As a business manager, you’ve made a big investment with to help your business grow. Congratulations! What’s next? Just like any cutting edge technology, & Marketo  keep evolving to match the business needs of the times. On top of that, there are the numerous modules to choose from, along with Apps from the AppExchange or Launchpoint. As technology gets more complex, how are companies handling it? How do companies grow 100% and stay ahead with all this? offers three new upgrades per year along with numerous, useful Apps, such as one of our client favorites, Sales Activity Tracker. How do you stay abreast of the changes, and choose the right modules/Apps to keep the information flow in sync with your business model? Do you try to do it all yourself or seek experts to help you?

Companies that have successfully adopted to changes seem to do three things.

     1.  Map their system to their business

Ever wonder how we got anywhere 10 years ago without a GPS, or for those of you who are younger, a car? Exactly what we think when we speak to companies without a roadmap or any systems. Successful companies plan both a) where they are going and b) their technology investment to ensure they have the best vehicle and guidance to help them reach the checkered flag. They have a Strategic Roadmap in place to guide them through the end-to-end business process and system evaluation. They always make technology growth part of their roadmap.

     2.  Avoid being adrift with technology

Sometimes, that cute new Smart car may look like an enticing impulse purchase. But it probably isn’t what you’re looking for if you want the horsepower and maneuverability of an Audi R8. While successful companies focus on their business, they have the experts help match them with the right Apps, modules, and services. Just like you’d go to the garage routinely to keep your ride in good shape, companies seek solutions such as Managed Services to rid the headache of matching your business process with the right technology solutions. They understand the value of not having to re-invent the wheel (pun intended) when they can easily find the expertise in their consultants.

     3.  Value excellence through education

So you’ve bought that impressive ride, with its high-tech features, add-ons, and standard drive. But do you have the experience and skill to take your car through the Gs of conquering the mountainous bends and curves ahead? We know the path to excellence is never defined by a boring, flat path. Companies that leverage technology best are the ones who understand that ROI begins with training. They make sure that the staff keeps up with the technology. They are aware that cutting edge technology is useless without knowing how to get the maximum use out of it. These companies not only get their employees trained and certified but more importantly, cross train others so that they are never without a System Administrator, for example. If one is on vacation, they have another team member ready to handle admin tasks.

Are you ready to conquer the challenges ahead and get ahead of your competition?