Dan Bailey

Hi, I’m Dan and I’ve been doing custom software development since I was in high school. I have an education and background in engineering and I’m not afraid to tackle the bigger problems. I am a strong believer in developing a plan to bring ideas to fruition and take pride in my ability to follow (and adapt) the plan as I work with clients to get the job done. I have been working with Salesforce for about 3 years now and have taken a big interest in designing functional and reusable lightning aura and web components as well as writing apex code that follows standard and replicable patterns.

Dan’s Hobbies

Outside of my experience on the platform, I do a lot of video game and app development in my spare time and am always looking to grow my developer toolset. I also love riding my motorcycles, playing piano, drumming, and playing guitar in my spare time.

Dan Bailey Hiking