OpFocus - LeanData Partnership Announcement

Partnership Announcement:

LeanData can help Marketing, Sales, and Operations leaders in the following ways:

  • Intelligent Lead Delivery: Automatically assign every lead with precision and provide reps with complete context, even if you have dirty data in Salesforce.
  • Convert Signals to Revenue: Recognize and respond to account-based signals by leveraging intent, engagement insights, and matching any CRM record to the correct account.
  • Enterprise Salesforce Orchestration: Orchestrate complex deals with ease while reducing IT overhead and change management using drag-and-drop, no code automation for any Salesforce object.

How to determine if LeanData is a good fit for you:

  • Salesforce is filled with incomplete and inaccurate data, making it challenging for revenue teams to understand or manage their buyer relationships.
  • Reps manually search for and update buyer information in Salesforce, slowing buying cycles and impacting conversion rates.
  • Account related information is disconnected, leaving reps without the context needed to deliver compelling engagements.
  • Process automation is split across different platforms, making it difficult to manage and adapt a complete revenue process and buyer experience.

About OpFocus and LeanData:

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OpFocus - LeanData Partnership Announcement

LeanData is a leading revenue orchestration platform for B2B SaaS companies.