How to Successfully Source, Implement, and Adopt a New Tech Platform

Thursday, April 14th 2022 @ 1 PM ET

Thurs April 14th, 2022 @ 1 PM ET

Your SaaS organization has spent hundreds of thousands each year on tech stack, but are you getting a return on that investment? As a senior RevOps leader, you need to be systematic, thoughtful, and confident in your approach to bringing on new tech platforms.

Hear from a seasoned RevOps leader about the critical factors you need to consider before expanding your tech stack, how to work implementation into your roadmap, and how to drive adoption post-launch.

Topics include:

Questions to touch on: 

  • How to avoid waste of time, money, resources, bringing on unnecessary platforms?
  • How to ensure your ROI is realized on a new tech platform?
  • How to identify critical success factors for senior leadership stakeholders 
  • What does a successful Salesforce partnership look like from pre to post-implementation?
  • How do I create a scalable and maintainable Salesforce tech stack?


Neil Avanzo, Sr. Director of Delivery at OpFocus

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