AMA: CPQ & Renewals

Bring your burning CPQ questions and try to stump OpFocus’ experts during our office hours on Friday June 12th, from 2-3pm ET.

All questions are welcome. Ask me anything!

  • How could CPQ help my team?
  • Would CPQ would handle my unique sales & renewals process?
  • How does CPQ handle bundles and custom discounting?
  • I’d love to roll out CPQ for sales. How do I convince my CFO?
  • We tried to self-implement CPQ, but ran into roadblocks. What do we do now?
  • What are common CPQ roll-out mistakes? How do we avoid them?


We encourage you to submit your questions during registration, so we make sure to cover your topic. This is not a webinar. You will also have a chance to ask questions directly during the session — be prepared to unmute!


This AMA features David Movsesian, Director of CPQ Consulting at OpFocus, and OpFocus’ team of CPQ Ninjas, who have delivered dozens of successful projects for happy customers.


"OpFocus is encyclopedic about CPQ. They have a very deep knowledge of what it can and can’t do. They knew exactly how to implement what we needed in order to get the most value out of CPQ."

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