Growth Services vs Support Services vs Staff Augmentation

Growth Services vs Support Services vs Staff Augmentation

You’ve come to OpFocus to grow your business and drive forward mission-critical projects. You have an idea of what skillsets you’ll need but don’t know how OpFocus labels projects. Maybe you reached out for a growth service project and you’ve been told you’re a better fit for support services. Now you’re left thinking, what’s the difference? Why do I need one instead of the other, and how will this impact my project? With the above table, you’ll understand the difference between each Managed Service offering from OpFocus, and when each is appropriate for your team.

Growth Services

This type of support is strategic and specialized. Teams bring on growth services when their projects require specialized skills and they need project guidance. You’re provided a project manager and team of specialists to drive forward your mission-critical process. This is ideal for teams with projects that need a specialized or very diverse set of skillsets. After scoping your project, you’ll receive a set number of hours per month depending on its timeline and complexity.

Support Services

Support services are best for teams that have a gap in their team. You may have had a team member recently leave or take maternity/paternity leave and need specialized talent to fill in part-time. You’re provided one part-time resource specialized to meet your project’s needs and fill in for a specific position on your team.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is similar to support services in that it is a single resource with a skillset designed to meet your needs. This resource, however, will be a full-time, or close to a full-time member of your team. They will work each day to complete tasks for your team and drive your initiatives forward.

Kyle Chagnon

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Kyle Chagnon

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