Walk In Their Shoes: SteelBrick Advice from Customers

Implementing a CPQ solution like SteelBrick is a journey and an investment. It takes time, organization and sometimes process change within an organization. The customers that have completed this journey can attest to the positive impact and increased efficiencies Salesforce’s latest solution has on their organization, and have great advice for companies that are just getting started.

We collected this advice from our in-house experts and the SteelBrick Customer Success Summit during the session titled “Takeaways on How to Successfully Roll Out SteelBrick CPQ.” This advice is short and sweet…but every word holds true. As you begin your CPQ journey, we encourage you to read and share this advice with your team.

1. “Get buy-in from the top level and find sales evangelists on your team to promote CPQ to the rest of the organizations.” – MuleSoft

2. “Rationalize the systems and standardize the quoting process first.” – Paychex

3. “Become familiar with SteelBrick’s pricing functionality, you’ll uncover new ways to handle bundling, configurations and discounts.” – OpFocus

4. “Lean on CSMs and SteelBrick Resources.”- Instructure

5. “Get executive support early on for the CPQ investment from business stakeholders.” – Paychex

6. “Combine your SteelBrick with Wave Analytics to find patterns related to pricing and discounts!” -OpFocus

7. “Don’t try to boil the ocean!” – NimbleStorage

8. “Question your process. Don’t make a new age tool replicate an old age process.” – MuleSoft

9. “Your business process needs to be very straightforward & simple for reps & channel to use successful CPQ.”- NimbleStorage

10. “Expose SteelBrick in your Partner Communities for more accurate quotes and proposals.” – OpFocus

Do you have some tips you’d like to add to this list? Share them in the comments below!