Top 5 Salesforce Memes in 2017

A meme is worth a thousand words… sometimes. When it comes to the Salesforce admin or end-user experience, there is never a shortage of memes.

Here are our top 5 picks (so far) for 2017.

1. Salesforce training is optional?

Salesforce training is optional? False.

A lot of businesses that are new to Salesforce may not realize how critical it is to secure a Salesforce-savvy admin or super user. Depending on the size and complexity of the business, a person’s entire job may revolve around the system’s upkeep. It’s vital that this person has the technical chops as well as an understanding of system best practices if you want to ensure that you have a successful return on your investment in Salesforce.

2. No Salesforce Documentation

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked in a complex Salesforce org that has 0 documentation, and how much more challenging that makes it to troubleshoot errors, implement additional functionality, or to design custom solutions. If your org only has 1 admin or super user, then YOU NEED TO DOCUMENT THE SYSTEM’S DESIGN. Otherwise, chaos usually ensues the second that token admin or user walks out the door.

3. Salesforce Report Building

Salesforce reports- there’s a lot going on with them. So much so that, at OpFocus, we actually offer a 2-day Salesforce Reporting Workshop to explore every knob and button for reporting.

Reports can be customized in a lot of different ways, and the various options can be overwhelming to those who haven’t touched Salesforce Reports before. With that in mind, I offer these 2 tidbits:

  1. In order to be successful in creating Salesforce reports, you need to have a strong understanding of the data model. It’s literally the foundation for your reports.
  2. Be open to experimenting with report types, filters, report formats, etc. Getting your report to look juuust right requires some trial and error.

4. Email Alerts…

You get an email alert and you get an email alert! Everyone gets an email alert!

Email alerts are a lot like vodka shots- it’s okay to have a few but too many at once and you just get numb to what’s in front of you. While it sounds great (in theory) to notify users throughout the day when certain things happen to certain records, I would advise that you only alert users about information that is critical to their day-to-day. Otherwise, users will just start ignoring the alerts altogether.

5. If it’s not in Salesforce…

This is a mantra that especially comes in handy when talking about user adoption. Sometimes, you’ll get a user who asks, “do I really need to create this task?” or “do I really need to go through all of those Opportunity stages? Can’t I create the Opportunity and close it?” Long story short: if it isn’t in Salesforce, it didn’t happen, especially if your company is using Salesforce as its solitary CRM. Don’t you want to get credit for all that prospecting? 😉

Hope you got a chuckle out of those, because we sure did. What are your favorite Salesforce memes? Share them with us below in the comments!