The Unofficial Guide to Salesforce’s Unofficial Characters

If you’ve ever been on Trailhead, you may have seen a few faces of Salesforce’s awesome characters. Astro, Appy, Codey, and the rest of the team each have their own job in the Salesforce universe. After years of working with the platform, I’d like to name a few unofficial characters that will definitely be relevant for anyone who has been an admin for a Salesforce instance.

Disclaimer! None of the following characters are Salesforce-official; they’re just Salesforce-inspired 🙂

Handyman Dan

While Salesforce is fairly user-ready out of the box, for most organizations, there are still a number of things that have to be customized before users can really utilize the system. That’s where Dan comes in! He’s the one who everyone depends on to make fixes, to strategically build something new for the team… in a sense, he really represents a lot that Salesforce admins do on a daily basis.

Lucy Lemur

Lucy is a SUPER. USER! She’s always getting excited about the new functionality you roll out and helps with spreading the word on how cool Salesforce is. She also makes your job easier when it comes to helping other users, like Stanley Sloth, who are slower at getting the hang of things. *insert punchline drum soundbite*


Remember the time you messed up that data load? Or the time you exposed the Lightning interface to users without reviewing the Readiness report? Who was there to listen to your frustrations, and to calm your nerves? Why Vino of course! You can never go wrong with a friend like that 😉

Thanks to freepick for saving me from having to create these characters from scratch. While character generation isn’t my specialty, Salesforce definitely is! Reach out to me or any of our other experts by getting in touch with us today!