State of the Marketing Automation Industry [Infographic]

marketing automation industry trendsIf you are thinking about about investing in a marketing automation solution, are already using one, or like me you want to be on top of the industry trends, here is an amazing infographic I found via the funnelholic blog that summarizes the state of the the industry. Kudos to Carlos Hidalgo who compiled this great information for

The graphic itself is extremely informative and relies on data from a variety of credible sources including Sirius Decisions, Gartner, Marketing Sherpa, Aberdeen, Eloqua and Frost & Sullivan. I enjoy infographics but I know they are are not for everyone so for those who want the quick and dirty I’ve included 9 key summary points below the image.

Enjoy and please share your thoughts in the comments.

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Marketing Automation by the Numbers Infographic

9 Key Trends in the Marketing Automation Industry

  • The Marketing Automation segment is the fastest growing segment of the $4 billion CRM industry with over 110 vendors in the space now
  • The 2010 adoption rate of marketing automation by B2B companies is 7 -10% and will grow to 50% by 2015
  • The CRM solution adoption grew 22% from 53% in 2003 to 75% in 2010 and it is the maturity of solutions in this segment which I believe is driving adoption in emerging marketing automation area
  • Small business is the fastest growing sector in the marketing automation space
  • High quality lead generation still remains a challenge but the number 1 reason 81% of Best-in-Class companies want a marketing automation solution is to help close sales faster
  • 64% of CMOs have either an informal or no process to manage their marketing automation
  • The combination of process with marketing automation yields a 417% increase in a revenue and businesses yield a 451% increase in qualified leads
  • Less than 25% of companies with marketing automation solutions are using them to their full potential and less than 10% are leveraging them to follow up later in the buying cycle
  • The key uses of marketing automation solutions include scheduled content delivery, intelligent segmenting, strategic upsells and cross promotion, lead scoring, campaign management and analytics.