Salesforce Summer 2020 Release – Our Favorite Features

Salesforce Summer 2020 Release - Our Favorite FeaturesEvery few months Salesforce does the impossible, improving on its already robust platform. With each new release comes new features and functionality. After spending a month with the Salesforce Summer 2020 release, our team has identified our top 6 favorite new features. Let’s discover some of the niftiest features available to your team!

#1 Report Subscription Attachments

Our CEO, David Carnes, mentioned that his favorite new functionality is the addition of attachments to report subscriptions. It’s a beta feature that must be enabled via a checkbox in the setup section. This functionality allows a user to choose to receive their Report Subscription email with a file attachment. Although it is fairly straightforward, it helps provide more of the content you need in one convenient location.

#2 Dynamic Forms

For one of our rockstar developers, Veena Sundara-Heragu, dynamic forms are her favorite new feature. It’s a game-changer in how people can interact with records in the User Interface. Rather than having a ton of fields spit out in a single page layout, you can now organize items into sections that are more intuitive and easier to grasp. Ultimately it makes the process easier to use and a lot more organized.

#3 Split List Views

As an executive on our team reviewing high volumes of data, MJ Kahn appreciates Split List Views. In the past. if you were looking at a list view and weren’t sure which record you wanted, you’d open each record in a separate tab until you found the correct one. Now, with Split List Views, you can click on each record to see its details right on the same page, without losing your place in the list view. When you find the record you want, you can just collapse the splitter to hide the list view and focus on the record.

#4 Salesforce Optimizer

The Salesforce Optimizer received a nice facelift and became a lot more user-centric. In the past, you had to download a PDF to view the optimizer results. You can now view the results and interact with them dynamically, rather than via the PDF. Of course, if you really need an offline version of the optimizer report, you can still download it as a PDF. Overall, the UI is a lot cleaner and more streamlined than before.

#5 Full View (Salesforce Classic)

For those of you who really liked the way Classic displays fields and related lists on the same page and missed being able to do this easily in Lightning, miss it no more. You can enable Full View, which displays all details and related lists on the same page. (Yes, it’s a lot of data.) If you occasionally like to use your browser’s Find function to search for text within a page, Full View makes that work much easier.

#6 Approval Process Order of Operation

It’s a little nerdy (isn’t it all?), but while we’ve always had the ability to have multiple active Approval Processes for a single object, we haven’t been able to control the order in which they fire. Now we can. In those rare cases where you need to have multiple Approval Processes per object, this is really helpful.


This article merely skims the surface of what the Summer 2020 Salesforce release has to offer. Please share your favorite features in the comments below!

With new features coming out every few months it’s hard to stay up to date. If it’s time to refresh your Salesforce knowledge or to elevate your expertise, come learn from the best at one of our upcoming (virtual) Salesforce Workshops.

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