Quip it Good! Salesforce’s New Productivity Tool

As the iconic ‘70s rock band, DEVO once said- “when a problem comes along you must Quip it.” Wait… that might not be what they said.

Either way, if you’ve poked around your org recently, browsed the Winter ’18 release notes, or explored the Salesforce Community, you may have started to see Quip popping up pretty frequently.

What is Quip?

Quip Overview in Salesforce

Available for both desktop and mobile, Quip lets you collaborate on documents and spreadsheets without ever leaving Salesforce. Think Google Docs, and then some! Users can create, colorfully format, and share documents, create task lists, and chat with team members all from one screen. They won’t have to sit through tons of meetings or go through threads of emails in order to keep things moving.

Collaborating in Quip

Other cool features?

  • It is 100% cloud-based. No saving files locally to your computer
  • Users can access and work on a document or spreadsheet at the same time. This also means that these documents and spreadsheets are always 100% up-to-date!
  • You can further customize the platform to meet your business needs. Like any other Salesforce product, you have the capabilities to automate a process and integrate other tools with the Quip API.


To further explore features, I’d recommend that you check out these beginner Trailheads on Quip Basics and Quip Features. Also, as it’s only appropriate, be sure to revisit the glory that was DEVO’s “Whip It.”

Looking to crack that Quip in your own org, but not sure where to start? Be sure to get in touch with one of our awesome consultants!