Forrester B2B Summit 2021: 5 most impactful Sessions

The Forrester B2B Summit came and went in the blink of an eye. As an attendee, you saw countless presentations, breakout sessions, and performances but there were many you couldn’t make it to. Although I wasn’t able to attend every session (who could), I’ve created a list of the 5 sessions that left a lasting impact. Let’s dive into some of the most memorable sessions at Forrester’s 2021 B2B Summit!

Building Trust: The B2B Imperative:

Ian Bruce, Principal Analyst, and Isabel Montesdeoca, VP, Group Director, both with Forrester, broke down not only the importance of developing trust with your potential clients but the strategy to do so.  The speakers stressed the importance of every interaction you have with clients and the effect this has in your prospects’ opinion of your organization. This is a great session for marketing leaders looking to improve their B2B process. 

Return on Integration Honors: Code42 Software, Inc.:

Alexandra Gobbi, Chief Marketing Officer, and Mark Wojtasiak, Vice President of Portfolio Strategy & Product Marketing, both with Code42 Software, talk about how they won the Return On Integration Honor for sales, marketing, and product alignment for the development and launch of their Incydr product. This is an inspirational session perfect for product and marketing teams aiming for the same level of success.

Step Up To B2B Marketing’s New Destiny:

Jennifer Ross, VP and Sr Research Director, and Lori Wizdo VP and Principal Analyst with Forrester, discuss the transformation marketing has undergone over the past few years. It’s an interesting look into what traditional marketing focused on, the changes that have taken place, and where marketing is headed into the future. This is a terrific opportunity for marketing leaders who need to stay on top of the marketing trends looming just around the corner.

Guest Keynote Speaker: Kara Swisher:

Kara Swisher at Forrester B2B Summit 2021

Journalist Kara Swisher and  Bob Safian, Advisor and Podcast Host with Forrester, sit down and discuss the role of organizations in today’s interconnected world. They talk about corporate activism and how companies can no longer sit out important issues. Today’s consumers have an opinion on these issues and your company should too. 

A Conversation With Trevor Noah:

Trevor Noah, Comedian and host of “The Daily Show” takes the stage and provides some great commentary on what it means to be a leader, how to create a compelling story with your content, and his personal journey to becoming a comedian. Being one of the rawest and intimate sessions of the summit, I would recommend this session to everyone. 

Trevor Noah at Forrester B2B Summit 2021

So what’s next?

AftAfter everything is said and done, these are the 5 sessions that stayed with me long after the Forrester B2B summit came to an end. I of course left off the two sessions OpFocus presented, Accelerate your growth with lessons from Seismic’s path to $1.6B, and An Operational Roadmap to $1B+ Valuation with Sisense, which I’d highly recommend as well. The speakers at both companies capture the transformative journey their teams have undergone so effectively that it almost serves as a blueprint for other SaaS companies to use to become Unicorns themselves.

Enough about my experiences though, what sessions did you find most impactful? What systems, platforms, and frameworks caught your attention as the next “must implement” initiatives for your team? Whatever you have  in mind, you’re going to need an experienced guide to help make it a reality. Reach out to a member of my SaaS Growth team and take the first step on your own journey to operational excellence!

Kyle Chagnon

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Kyle Chagnon

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