Conga for Salesforce

blog_key_Conga320pxConga for Salesforce is a great tool for those who truly want to create customized templates using data stored in Salesforce. The integration works with multiple objects in Salesforce and can suit various needs. Here are a few helpful things I learned while working with Conga.

  • Free 30 day Trial: Conga gives users the ability to use the full system for 30 days. This is great because it allows you to understand how the product really works.
  • Great Trial Support: At any time during the trial you can call the support team with questions. I rarely ever had to wait for a support rep and when I did the wait was not longer than a minute or two.
  • Use the Conga Template Builder: The template builder simplifies locating the correct fields for merge. You can easily search through Conga and with just the click of a button copy the field to your clipboard for use in your template. The template builder will also help identify if the data is located in a different table in Salesforce and will attach the Table Start and Table end to the fields you are trying to copy.
  • Brush up on Microsoft Word Formatting: While Conga brings the necessary information into your template, it may not be formatted exactly as you need. Using formatting codes in word will help you create the perfect template. For those who have never worked with formatting codes before there is a great Microsoft office site to get you started:
  • Be Patient: As with any template, formatting does not always come out perfectly when you are using merge fields and code. Be patient when testing and know it may take you a few tries to get the perfect format you are looking for.

Overall, I found Conga to be a great tool. It saves a lot of time for user who needs to quickly generate a document with the data populated in Salesforce. The tool also helps to eliminate any errors when drafting documents and ensures a centralized template gets sent from all users. I would recommend the tool to anyone looking to generate documents out of Salesforce.