5 Things to Know When Implementing Work.com

5 Things to Know When Implementing Work.comSo you are ready to implement work.com for your Salesforce org. After completing the implementation for our instance here at OpFocus, I discovered a few things that you may like to know.

1) Initial Setup

Work.com is very easy to set up which is convenient for new users. All you have to do is purchase it and then check the work.com user for each individual user.

2) Badges

Work.com does a great job of allowing the admin to completely customize badges that can be given out as recognition/rewards for good work. Users have the ability to choose any picture or .gif they would like and use it as a badge. Try to find some themes that fit your organization; the more fun users have, the more they are likely to use badges.

3) Security

Like other aspects of Salesforce, work.com allows for certain badges to only be assigned by specific users. This is great because it gives more value to some badges and makes the user feel a better sense of accomplishment when the badges come from someone at a higher level.

4) Creating Goals

Currently, work.com only allows users to create goals for themselves. This means that management cannot create goals for a single user. The workaround for this is to have a user invite their manager to a goal so they can make updates. Although this is not perfect, it allows the manager to adjust the goal as needed.

5) Using Metrics

Work.com also does a great job of allowing users to sync Reports to their goals. By having Reports and goals together, users gain a clear view of their progress towards their goals. When setting up metrics, users will get visual representations in a list view for all their active goals.

Overall, work.com is a great way to create public acknowledgment across your organization while having some fun. It is easy to set up and easy to use. My advice would be to have as much fun with it as you can; you will in turn see your organization using the product on a regular basis.