MJ Kahn

MJ KahnVice President of Development and Product Strategy

As Vice President of Development and Product Strategy, MJ Kahn is responsible for OpFocus’s software development efforts on behalf of our clients, ensuring that technologies like Apex and Visualforce are applied correctly to meet our clients’ business needs. MJ also leads OpFocus’s own product development team.

View-LinkedIn-ProfileMJ has an extensive background in technology, having held a variety of development, consulting, and management positions at Sybase, Vignette, and Honeywell, as well as a number of smaller companies like Sybernet, Oberon Software, and Infomedics. In all of these positions, MJ’s focus and passion have been on helping companies use technology effectively and intelligently to develop software products and solve business problems. An Apex and Visualforce consultant since mid 2008, MJ has worked with dozens of companies to help them understand and use the Force.com platform to solve their business problems and, in some cases, to help them develop their own App Exchange product offerings.

An active club member and leader in Toastmasters, MJ has also delivered training classes on a variety of technical subjects, including HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic, as well as the Salesforce.com Web Services API.

MJ earned a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Smith College and a Masters of Applied Science in Computer Science from the Boston University Metropolitan College. She has earned a Salesforce.com Certified Force.com Developer designation.