Evelyn Grizzle

I am a Salesforce developer and aspiring technical architect. In my work at OpFocus, I help clients to optimize their Salesforce instances and ensure that their automations and Apex follow best practices.


My favorite types of projects include Lightning Web Components. JavaScript is such a fun language to write, and I enjoy learning new CSS tricks. I love Salesforce because I get to write code in a bunch of different languages every day!

Evelyn’s Hobbies

Outside of work, I have a little Salesforce blog that I operate, and I lead the Memphis Salesforce Saturday group. When I’m not living and breathing Salesforce, I knit, crochet, and dye and spin yarn to sell at farmers markets around Memphis! My dream is to one day own a brick and mortar yarn store, where I’d obviously track my clients in Salesforce.

Evelyn Grizzle - Senior Salesforce Developer